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D.T.T. Department

Doubling – Twisting & Texturing Department

Doubling – Twisting is the process of formation of yarn where twisting of two or more yarns together to form a single twisted yarn. Such yarns are designated as doubled yarn, folded yarn or plied yarn and the machines intended for the purpose are called doublers, ply-twisters or two-for-one (TFO) twisters. With the Latest TFO doubler machine, we tend to provide the best voluminous (bulky), round, and fuller yarn that unbeatably matches the fabric requirement.

Draw Textured Yarn – DTY, is made by using POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) as raw yarn, drawing and false twisting. Using DTY machines there’s often a certain degree of elasticity and contractility which leads best quality yarn in its field.

Air Textured Yarn – ATY, the principle is to use the Air jet method to interlace the tow to form an irregular twisted coil, so the tow has a fluffy yarn. Using the modern machines we provide the best good hand feel, wool felt, similar touch and feel of cotton yarn with Aty yarns.